Born from a builders’ family, Acke also grew up to be a builder, he was a fine woodcrafter and took part in building the great gnome town hall. He did not stand out among his gnome companions, mostly avoiding confrontations and walking away from fights. With war and goblins far away, Acke grew up to be a gentle gnome. Proud of his people. With a good heart and a righteous soul. When the goblin king ‘Zezeel Fizpocket’ betrayed the gnomes and stole all of their gems and jewels, Acke felt anger within him. He wanted to do something to restore the pride of the gnomes. For the first time in his live he decided to do what is right. Not knowing the adventure before him he wandered off.




Not the smartest of souls, Walsh was an outstanding warrior. He took part in the third war. Not necessarily to save his people, but more so looking for a fight. Taking the lives of almost 120 goblins he was considered to be one of the bravest of gnomes in the war, receiving the sword of ‘Gobar Goldborn’ as a token of respect. After peace was restored, Walsh turn to booze and gambling, drinking away his boredom. His fame faded away making him grumpy. He was not all to happy with the peace proposal of ‘Zezeel Fizpocket’ seventh king of the goblins. When ‘Zezeel’ deceived the gnomes, taking all of their jewels, Walsh sworn to take revenge of the betrayal. He dusted of his Goldborn sword and took off in a wild rush.



Last remaining member of the famous alchemist family of the south, Viggo was the only alchemist brave enough to take part in the third war against the goblin king ‘Giziek Sparkblast’. Destined to make his great, great grandfather ‘Viggomarch destroyer of twigs’ proud he single handily embarked upon Giziek castle making the walls explode and give way to the gnome warriors to end the tyranny of ‘Giziek Sparkblast’ once and for all, restoring peace for several years. After the seventh king of the goblins ‘Zezeel Fizpocket’ tricked the gnomes with a peace proposal, he stole all of the gnomes jewels form the war chest, leaving the gnomes devastated. Viggo was the first to take up a quest for the search of the jewels. He was never heard from again.